Trick Arrows are a series of arrows modified by Tech Commander for various purposes. Tech Commander nocks and fires these arrows at his target.


Tech CommanderEdit

Tech Commander utilized trick arrows during his time on missions for the EPF and the Essentials.

Blue ArrowEdit

Jason Kade used trick arrows during his identity crisis as the Blue Arrow, an agile archer with an arsenal of energy arrows, during his time with the Arcadian Rebels.



  • Conventional Arrow: A standard arrow made to easily penetrate and injure an enemy while also being difficult to directly remove from a wound. Like any standard arrow, this arrow type is suitable for stealth operations because it makes minimal noise and is less conspicuous than other, more specialized arrows. Cole Grant used carbon arrows, and Jason Kade switched to an aluminum carbon composite for better penetration.
  • Lethal Arrow: An arrow with a Teflon-coated titanium blade tip serrated to split the bone, and a specialized polymer shaft stronger than typical carbon fiber.
  • Custom Arrow: An arrow with a tip hand-soldered out of high-carbon steel. Jason Kade made these for his ex-girlfriend, another archer.

First GenerationEdit

  • Acid Arrow: An arrow that contains a bulb of concentrated nitric acid that bursts on impact.
  • Bola Arrow: An arrow that releases three small, heavy balls on 18 inch cables to entwine a target.
  • Boomerang Arrow: An arrow that contains a homing-circuitry-controlled weight-shifting mechanism.
  • Cable Arrow: An arrow that contains spool with 50-foot length of 0.16 inch cable which unreels through the shaft.
  • Electro-Arrow: An arrow that generates a 21,000 volt charge upon impact.
  • Explosive-Tip Arrow: An arrow that contains a composite plastic explosive that detonates on impact.
  • Flare Arrow: An arrow that contains magnesium/iron powder flame that ignites 5 seconds after release.
  • Net Arrow: An arrow that releases a 10 foot wide 0.36 inch cable net through the end of the shaft.
  • Putty Arrow: An arrow that contains a bulb of highly sticky chemical that bursts upon impact.
  • Rocket Arrow: An arrow that contains a small-fueled missile-head with various payloads up to 2 pounds.
  • Smoke Bomb Arrow: An arrow that emits thick, bilious clouds of chemical smoke 2 seconds after release.
  • Sonic Arrow: An arrow that emits a high-pitched 95 decibel sound 2 seconds after release.
  • Suction-Tip Arrow: An arrow with a tip covered with micro-adhesions capable of sticking to almost anything.
  • Tear-Gas Arrow: An arrow that releases a concentrated cloud of lachrymatory-irritant 3 seconds after release.

Second GenerationEdit

  • Alternate Explosive Arrow: An arrow made to serve as a remote explosive that can be triggered via the remote in Tech Commander's Bow. The arrows feature a number of micro cables that could secure it to its intended target before detonating.
  • Burst Shot Arrow: An arrow that contains multiple secondary projectiles. After the arrow hits its target, a ring of secondary projectiles stored in the arrowhead fire in a circular pattern, hitting any nearby enemies. This arrow is useful for attacking groups of enemies.
  • Grappling Hook Arrow: An arrow with three small, claw-like prongs that was made to function as a form of grappling hook. When fired a high tension cable remains attached to Tech Commander's Bow, as the arrowhead makes contact with a surface the three prongs become embedded and a series of micro-explosives remove portions of the arrow shaft from the cable at its core, allowing the cable to pivot from the arrowhead/grappling hook itself.
  • Hacker Arrow: An arrow with an arrowhead that serves as a solid state computer drive containing specific computer code. In the hand of a skilled archer this arrow can be fired and jacked into a specific computer input from a distance, after which it uploads a set of code into the computer and shut down computer control systems.
  • Incendiary Arrow: A special arrow that contains a chemical mixture that can melt through a variety of materials, including most metals, when activated, similar to a powerful thermite reaction.
  • Melter Arrow: An arrow with a tip that liquefies certain metals at a distance of up to three meters.
  • Pulse Arrow: An arrow that releases an energy wave at a 360 degree that can incapacitate or kill surrounding enemies.
  • Scatter Arrow: An arrow made by several fragmenting arrows, allowing it to separate into other smaller arrows to attack an enemy multiple times.
  • Taser Arrow: An arrow that is attached to a small device that delivers a electrical discharge capable of incapacitate a person.
  • Trap Arrow: Two arrows on opposite sides of the area, made to incapacitate anyone who passes between them by using an electric discharge.

Third GenerationEdit

  • Boxing Glove Arrow
  • Buzz Saw Arrow
  • Energy Arrow: An arrow with a head made of polarized matrices of high-energy electrons that pack a punch.
  • Foam Arrow: An arrow that releases high-density polyurethane foam upon impact for traps or cushioning. A variation is an arrow that releases an advanced foam compound upon impact, stronger than steel.
  • Greek Fire Arrow: An arrow with a chemical vial containing chlorine trifluoride. Computers register an enormous spike in thermal activity after this arrow is launched.
  • Heat-Seeking Arrow
  • Impact Arrow
  • Jettisoning Arrow: An arrow that uses compressed carbon dioxide to jettison/launch high-tensile strength polymer cables.
  • Magnetic Arrow: An arrow that could cause enemy firearms to fly out of their hands and be magnetically bound to the arrow.
  • Nanotech Arrow: An arrow with nanites that deliver a high-frequency pulse that disables superhuman speed. Almanac had this built to fight Rapidity.
  • Parachute Arrow: An arrow that contains and shoots out a parachute from the tip.
  • Splitter Arrow
  • Tracer Arrow: An arrow laced with particulate nanotechnology. Tech Commander wrote a program that tracks the nanites using GPS.
  • Tranquilizer Arrow: An injection arrow with a syringe containing 2,000 milligrams of horse tranquilizer, either fantalyne or ketamine. Less than deadly than other arrows, but rapidly increases the victim's torpidity.
  • Virus Arrow: An arrow rigged with a computer virus payload.


  • A majority of the trick arrows' titles are puns based on the arrow's specific usage.