"To use a bow and arrow requires patience and discipline."

Tech Commander's Bow is a specialized recurve bow utilized by Cole Grant for agent and vigilante activities.




Tech Commander’s personal weapon of choice is a specialized recurve bow which greatly accommodates his unique combat style, allowing him to accurately shoot enemies from a considerable distance, or quickly and effectively fire at enemies during a close range fire fight or brawl while dodging gunfire and attacks from numerous enemies.

The arrows travel up to 300 feet per second (204.54 mph).

  • Collapsibility: The bow is collapsible, with breaks above and below the handle, as well as midway down the length of each limb. This allows the bow to be folded into a more compact form that makes it easier to conceal, carry, store, and transport. When deployed, the bow can swiftly re-assemble in one quick motion as the limbs lock back into place.
  • Durability: When pushed to hand to hand combat the bow is durable enough to serve as an effective melee weapon.
  • Remote Control System: The bow has a remote control system built into the grip, designed to be used in conjunction with Cole’s specialized arrow quiver and trick arrows. The remote has four buttons running down the length of the bow’s grip, in line with each of his fingertips, allowing him quick access to and control over his arrows. Using the remote, Tech Commander can select a specific trick arrow to be drawn from the quiver. He can also use the remote to control the functions of certain trick arrows such as detonating remote explosive arrowheads.
  • Sight: To further aid in combat, the bow has a red laser sight to help Cole quickly draw a line of sight when targeting enemies at close range.