"It's a vicious cycle."
"Not a vicious cycle. It's more powerful and patriotic. That's why I like it. Cycle puns, I love 'em."

The Star-Cycle is the custom and powerful motorcycle owned by Jason Kade, used during his patrols as a vigilante. It received upgrades



Jason Kade purchased the Ducati Streetfighter from Hog's Motor Works in Oxbridge, Emerald City on September 4, 2013, and this was later modified by his friend Nismo, who is mechanically apt.


After ending his career as Blue Arrow, Jason decided to use his motorcycle once more.


Jason Kade is currently working to turn the Star-Cycle into a rocket-powered hyperbike with extendable wings.


  • Kinetic Energy Recovery System: The bike's Kinetic Energy Recovery System uses the bike's axle power to generate energy for the hyper cell battery. This power can be delivered to the back wheel via a direct drive brushless motor, giving the bike a hi torque speed boost.


  • The Star-Cycle was named when Almanac was going by the name All-Star.