P4R4S1T3 is the nickname given to a form of highly advanced miscroscopic, manually controlled piece of hardware created by the crime lord known as Terrorbyte that are used to combat enemies and enhance security drills. There are multiple versions used by Terrorbyte, with his manufacturers being able to produce hundreds of them per day.


The parasites were created by Ian Murphy, a nanorobotics genius.

In March of 2017, a virus was created to render them inert.


"Comprised of millions of microscopic robots, nanotech infiltrators capable of disintegrating anything in their path-- concrete, steel, flesh, bone. But their true purpose isn't mere destruction. It's theft. The infiltrators eat and store raw data from any computer system and deliver the stolen intel to Ian, providing him access to weapons, strategic defense, cutting-edge science and tech. Perfect for extortion, manipulation, power broking."

  • Frequency: The robots have their own unique frequency which is difficult to hack.
  • Microcameras: These robots have a 360-degree vision system via multiple microcameras all coming from various angles at the same time, which means it can see all around the room at once.
  • Neural Implants: Formerly, Terrorbyte remotely piloted his robots, but upgraded with neural implants to control them mentally.
  • Stingers: The P4R4S1T3s deposit 0.1 milligrams of trimethylmercury-32 into a human's system when it releases its "stingers".


IR Burst ReceiverEdit

The IR Burst Receiver P4R4S1T3 is used to collect data by placing it in a room.

Memory InhibitorEdit

The Memory Inhibitor P4R4S1T3 is put to a subject's temples and disrupts the pathway of the prefrontal lobes, making them forget the last two minutes.


The Trimethylmercury-32 P4R4S1T3, also called the Poison P4R4S1T3, hold a supply of trimethylmercury-32, a relatively fast-acting poison, and inject into humans upon command.


  • "P4R4S1T3" is leetspeak for "parasite".
  • The P4R4S1T3's electronics will fry if exposed to water.