"Obelus undisputedly leads the world in energy production. Its power plant, located a short distance from Emerald City, is rumored to contain some kind of experimental reactor core."
-Oswald Garrington's mission analysis on Obelus

The Obelus Energy Corporation, also known as Obelus Oil Corporation, Obelus Oil Company, Obelus Energy, Obelus Oil, Obelus International Research, Obelus Corporation or simply Obelus, is one of the world's largest energy producing conglomerates.


Oil SpillEdit

On April 20, 2010, one of Obelus' ships was responsible for spilling oil off the Gulf of Mexico.

Illegal Action Edit

Obelus' lawyers pursued damages in any cases they had, regardless of innocence.


  • Obelus Energy Corporation Headquarters
  • Obelus Gas Stations
  • Obelus Nucleonics
  • Obelus Office
  • Obelus Power Station - Power Station/Nuclear Plant
  • Obelus Refinery
  • Obelus Research Complex
  • Obelus Warehouse


  • An obelus is a symbol used as a reference mark in printed matter, or to indicate that a person is deceased.