"It's called Nightmare, supposed to make you feel all floaty."
-Gangster's description of Nightmare

Nightmare is a drug sold throughout the streets of Los Verdes, Emerald City. Nightmare is a deadly narcotic that makes its users disoriented. In pill form, Nightmare pills are black and orange, and orange in liquid.


When criminals began developing Nightmare, they experimented on the homeless, prostitutes, and runways. 56 people died to perfect Nightmare's high.

Nightmare began being distributed throughout Los Verdes in January 2013.

As of April 2013, Nightmare has become more addictive and unstable. Chlorpromazine, an anti-psychotic, was added to the formula.

In November 2013, Nightmare was made more addictive, as more and more bodies began to crave it.

In October 2014, an additive was added to the Nightmare formula to make the user see their biggest fear.


In Nightmare's purest form, when injected directly into the bloodstream, it affects the thalamus region of the user's brain, which is where all of the information from the user's pain receptors is collected, with no doubt leaving the user thinking they are in excruciating pain. This effect can last for days, until finally the heart gives out.

If someone were to overdose on Nightmare and live, their condition would be critical. If someone were to suffer from this unrefined Nightmare overdose, damage would be caused to the caudal portion of their anterior cingulate. After an overdose of Nightmare, the narcotic is suffused to the user's kidneys tissue.

Nightmare can contaminate, eventually having the potential to hold a city hostage to drugs.

Nightmare can be used as ammunition in weapons like darts.


Nightmare's formula is very secretive, and only the following ingredients are known in its formula:

  • Additive: An additive produced by certain mushrooms, which makes the user see their biggest fear.
  • Chlorpromazine: An anti-psychotic.
  • Solvent: A solvent used in Nightmare that runs off water originated within a ten block radius of where East Los Verdes meets the bay.


  • Liquid
  • Pill


  • In small doses, it is supposed to resemble 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamin (MDMA).
  • While a good wine's value is measured by its vintage, the number of years it took to ferment, Nightmare is measured in lives, because 56 people died to perfect Nightmare's high.