Ianymurosaurus, meaning "Ian Murphy's lizard", in Greek, is a genus of coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur that survived the K-T extinction. it lives throughout the Wilderness, ranging from as close as Oxbridge to the state's mountain range. It is a dromaeosaurid, closely related to large raptors such as Utahraptor and Dakotaraptor. It was discovered by scientist Ian Murphy in December 2015, and officially underwent study the next month.



Ianymurosaurus is typically considered to be larger than any other known dromaeosaurid, the most common species reaching up to the heights of 8 feet tall, and 18 feet long. Other species exceed its average height and length, making it the largest known living carnivore of modern times.


Ianymurosaurus bears a long snout, filled with a row of sharp, foot long teeth, that are perfect for piercing through bodies and impaling victims. This is one of its most deadly features, as it is believed that its teeth are strong enough to smash through glass, making it a formidable destructive weapon.

Its second weapon resides within its blade-like claws, shaped precisely to cut flesh like razors. One slice of its claws is able to slit necks, spill intestines, and tear brains. This aspect is more deadly than the creature's teeth in its own way, as it can strike faster and more precise.


It has two species, mostly recognized by their colors and sizes. The most common species, the Common Blue Ianymurosaurus, reaching up to the maximum of 8 feet tall and 18 feet long, is distinguished by its thick indigo colored feathers, with red streaks used by the males to attract mates. The female is typically darker colored, and features less decorative streaks in its feathers.

The second species, which can exceed the height of 10 feet, and the length of 20 feet, is extremely similar. However, its feathers are mostly a dark camo green, rather than an indigo blue. The first species usually surrounds the wooded areas of Oxbridge, not wandering off far, unless to hunt. The second species resides within the more thick, forested areas closer to the state's mountain range. It is extremely rare for the seperate species to interact, but if found to do so, will most likely result in territorial aggression.



Ianymurosaurus, being considerably larger than any other known living carnivore, usually feed on medium and large sized herbivores, such as meese and large species of deer.

As it is difficult to find food, sometimes, instead of hunting one large animal, an Ianymurosaurus will attack a group of smaller animals, such as rabbits or beavers, and eat them all in the same meal, in order to save time trying to find one large animal.


Ianymurosaurus is a highly intelligent, coordinated pack hunter, teaming up in small groups at a time to locate and trap victims in seperate areas.

It is highly territorial, immediately chasing away or attacking any intruders that stand within a few meters of its location. If another large carnivore, such as a grizzly bear, is found within Ianymurosaurius territory, all of the individuals in the area will gang up on the intruder, effectively trapping and killing it.

Notable IanymurosauriEdit


  • The first doccumented sighting of an Ianymurosaurus was in January 2016, by Ian Murphy and Jason Kade.
  • Ianymurosauri are most likely responsible for the unexplainable disappearances of campers and hunters in the Wilderness, being a vicious, territorial killer.