"The top five floors of G-Tech Tower are home to the Essentials. Up to date plans are unavailable as I am continuously reconfiguring the layout of my labs."
-Oswald Garrington's description of his building

G-Tech Tower is the main base of operations for Garrington Technologies. The top 4 floors act as the base for the Essentials.

Building FeaturesEdit

Elevator AccessEdit

Not just anyone can access the upper floors of the G-Tech Tower. The Essentials use a special elevator than can only be accessed by using a solenoid belt buckle that uses a micro-beam to call the lift. Once inside visitors are subjected to voice and bioscans.


The exhaust fumes from the rocket are funneled through the bottom of the silo into fire pits far below the surface of Emerald City.


Members with superhuman strength use a gym on the 32nd floor, where Oswald's specially designed weights machines can produce several tons of resistance.

Hangar BayEdit

Most of the 35th floor is taken up by the hangar deck where the E-Plane is stored.

Living QuartersEdit

The thirty-first floor contains the Essentials' living quarters. Each member has their own suite of rooms, there is an impressively equipped kitchen, several communal living areas including a lounge where the team can greet guests.


The dome of the observatory can be retracted inside the building.

Rocket SiloEdit

The silo in the corner of G-Tech Tower contains the Essentials' own ICBM which can be used to travel anywhere on Earth in minutes. This also varies with a rocket ship.

Roof AccessEdit

The roof of G-Tech Tower has often been seen as a weak spot, so Oswald fitted security devices that scan anyone who approaches it. Visitors are only allowed access if it identifies them as a friend.

Science LabsEdit

The labs on the 33rd floor are devoted to chemistry, electronics and biological research.

Time MachineEdit

The labs on the 34th floor include the access to time and space.

Other Building FeaturesEdit


Essential FloorsEdit

The top 5 floors and roof of the building is used as a base for the Essentials


The thirty-first floor includes a public reception area, formal dining hall, Essentials living quarters, guest quarters, kitchen, informal dining area, lounge and TV area, computer assisted biology R&D lab, Oswald Garrington's office, public access, service and heavy duty elevators.


The thirty-second floor includes a visitors' gallery, recreation area, garden, handball court, gym, swimming pool, changing rooms, showers, sauna, trophy room, biology labs, public access, service, and heavy duty elevators.


The thirty-third floor includes a detoxification station, machine shop, robotics, biology complex, computer center, medical center chemistry multiplex, Hoodie's time platform, public access, service, emergency and heavy duty elevators.


The thirty-fourth floor includes a conference room, backup computers, giant map room, conference room, time machine and monitoring station, satellite communications room, rocket control center, public access, service, emergency and heavy duty elevators. Along with the time machine room contains portals with electromagnetic insulators and quark matter distributors.


The thirty-fifth floor includes a hangar, hydraulic lift platform, observatory support and access, vehicle maintenance and repair shop, rooftop security systems, public access, service, emergency and heavy duty elevators.


  • The computers in G-Tech Tower are protected by biometric encryption.
  • G-Tech Tower has a proximity alarm to detect any unauthorized entry to the last level before the Essentials headquarters.
  • G-Tech Tower generates over 240,000 watts of electricity, leading Oswald Garrington to design a cogenerator for the building to repurpose wasted heat given off by the electricity produced.