"Merry Christmas, Jake."
Cole Grant

The Firestone Blade is a powerful sword forged exclusively for Hoodie. It is crafted from stone that has been exposed to lava and, to some degree, mystical arcane energy, since the beginning of the universe. It has the ability to bend fire to the user's will, and to some degree, earth and smoke.


EPF Agent Tech Commander forged this sword as a Christmas gift for his friend Jake Woods, and other presents for his teammates.


  • Blade of Scorched Earth: This weapon can create a firestorm, raising lava blasts from the ground and create fire from the sky. It can destroy multiple enemies at once, but drains the user of energy.
  • Wall of Fire: Creates an indestructible fire and rock wall from the ground. This shield will absorb all attacks against it and can reflect it back.
  • Smoke Cloud: Throws down a cloud of smoke, then teleports the user to a desired location within a few meters. Useful for dodging or ambushing attackers.
  • Last Resort: As a way to ensure this weapon doesn't get into the wrong hands, it has a special function; self-destruction. Whenever the user wants, this blade can explode and incinerate everything within a 3 mile (5 kilometer) radius, completely destroying the Firestone Blade. No turning back from it, though. It is only meant for use in the worst situations.