"Bolder united. Braver united. Faster united. Wiser united. Smarter united. Essentials, unite!"
Oswald Garrington

The Essentials were a superhero team of extraordinary individuals with both superpowers and special characteristics, superheroes. The original team was united by Oswald Garrington of the Elite Protection Federation in response to the looming alien threat of Tentaclor. Soon after, however, many members became inactive after the Hoodie disappeared.

The new and current roster is a team of street-based vigilantes, taking the name of the Essentials to commemorate their services bringing truth, liberty and justice. The future roster consists of descendants of the legendary heroes, in a dystopian future.


First EssentialsEdit


The Essentials team was formed from the idea that when one realizes they are a part of something bigger, they can accomplish anything. If a group of people shared that conviction, they could change the world.

New EssentialsEdit



In an alternate near-future, young descendant heroes took inspiration from the original saviors to take up the cause of justice.


"What is the fundamental criterion for membership?"
"When all is said and done, the question must be whom do we trust? Trust to fight beside us? Trust to have our backs? Trust to uphold the high standards and ideals of the Essentials?
Solar Flare and Hoodie

First Essentials

New Essentials

Future Essentials






  • The name refers to their necessity to the protection of the world.