The E-Plane is a specialized Boeing C-17 Globemaster III owned and modified by Garrington Technologies. It serves as a flying command center for the Essentials.


  • Cloaking: The E-Plane utilizes holographic indigenous projection to turn it invisible. The hardware features a transmitter coil. There is an audio component to cloaking that inverts sound waves like noise-cancelling headphones. There is also a refractive index included.
  • Communication: The E-Plane has communicators, similar to the E-Comm.
  • Equalization Stabilization: The E-Plane has equalization stabilizers, and will seal the plane in a water landing.
  • Flight: The E-Plane's primary function is flight. The fuel is stored in the wings.
  • Monitoring: The E-Plane has monitors.
  • Navigation: The E-Plane has navigation systems.
  • Weapons Systems: The E-Plane possesses some provisional offensive/defensive capabilities in the form of two retractable cannon turrets, located at the junction of between each main wing and the fuselage, which are capable of shooting down enemy aircraft. The E-Plane also has a form of large, long barreled cannon mounted to the front underside of the fuselage that allows it to attack targets on the ground while in VTOL flight.