"In reality. Through it all. Even if you don't want to admit it, everyone is just as insane as me and you all know that it's true."
—Torment to the Arcadian Rebels

Torment is a criminal mastermind with an unknown agenda in Neo Arcadia.


Early LifeEdit

Torment was born in Neo Arcadia on March 11, 1979, to his unknown Father and Mother. Not much else is known about his childhood life due to him keeping his past mostly a mystery.

New Identity Edit

Torment would encounter a man named Claudius Ramirez Mayhew, the original Claudius Ramirez Mayhew. After meeting him, he decided to take him to a bar to have a small chat, little to Claudius' knowledge, his end was near.

After talking for another few hours, the original Claudius would be taken to an alleyway and there, he would be killed after being stabbed through the neck with a knife. After this, the old Claudius' identity would be taken by Torment. The next few years of Torment's life would be merely a mystery.

Terror Upon Neo Arcadia Edit

Meeting Lexa Caverly and Jess Connors Edit

Torment, now known as Claudius, would resurface with a new goal and first encountered Lexa Caverly and Jess Connors in a club in 2018, years after he fled Neo Arcadia. He would talk to them after witnessing their powers. They would deny it all and began questioning Claudius. He would quickly make his way out of the conversation and walk downstairs.

After about an hour, Lexa Caverly would confront him and would ask him what he was doing after feeling suspicious. Claudius explained that he was doing nothing and asked if she really had powers. She would deny it at first, though after a few minutes she told him that it was true. After this, he would ask if he could test bracers he made on her which would cancel out her powers for a period of time. She was suspicious but after much talk, Claudius manipulated her into doing so.

When he strapped the bracers onto her, she felt a small pain in her wrists which he said was normal and would only last for a while. Once this occurred, he explained to her that her powers were deactivated as long as she had the bracers on which he could only take them off. After this, he put on a skull mask and pressed a button on his phone which activated a gas to quickly fill the room. Claudius pulled out a knife and stabbed Lexa's hand onto the table. He would then quickly run out of the building before the gas made its way through the mask.

Breaking News... Edit

Lexa would confront Claudius once more and ask him why he tried to kill her. He explained to her that it was only for the city to know about his presence. He would continue talking to her while she began secretly filming him via an unknown device. Claudius was able to soon pick up on this and would command one of his men named, "Ahmose" to get Lexa to delete the video.

A small fight broke while Claudius was filming on his wrist computer. Ahmose emerged victoriously and attempted to get Lexa to delete the video. She declined and with that, Jess Connors arrived to help which she succeeded in, though Lexa realized the security cameras were on. The two of them destroyed the cameras with Claudius still filming them. After this, Lexa had a chance to escape, which she took and ran out of the building as Claudius was distracted.

On the news, it'd be revealed that Lexa Caverly and Jess Connors were the vigilantes Cold Flame and Anima Libera, as well as the police, have now gone out to question Mayhew.

After this, Claudius would be sent to the police station to be questioned after his suspicious comments. He would lie saying that someone behind the camera was threatening him and everyone he cares for because of some mistakes in his past. After much talking, Claudius would be freed, though the police would call him in when needed.

Knocked Out Edit

Claudius would find Lexa Caverly (who was in a disguise hiding her identity with a blonde wig) once more in a cave. They would question each other and ask why they were both there. Lexa didn't care to answer and shot bursts of fire around Claudius' body burning a bit of his body. She would then quickly knock him out.

Later that day, Claudius was found by the police and asked what had happened. He told them he knew nothing, though some witnesses who were exploring the cave, took a few pictures of Lexa. After further investigation, the police found out that the blonde girl was Lexa.

Contacting John Caverly Edit

Claudius would end up contacting John Caverly, Leah Caverly's father who's been inactive for years. He would find John and tell him that his daughter is currently living in Neo Arcadia. Claudius would tell him to go to Neo Arcadia and trick her into coming with him. He agreed, though John had something else planned and Claudius knowing that its odd John agreed, began planning something out.

Kidnapping Leah and John Edit

Claudius would walk with John to the fair, where Leah tends to stay during her free time and/or when she's in stress. Claudius would wait by the entrance until John could convince Leah to show up near the entrance.

Once they arrived near the entrance, John began talking to Leah about what she's been up to. As they were talking, Claudius appeared. After much questioning, Claudius and one of his men knocked both of them out and take them to a truck.

Mad Man Edit

Claudius would throw Leah in a small room in a building filled with TV screens. He would put her in a jacket that would cover her entire torso to the point where she could barely move her arms.

Once she awoke, Claudius began talking to her. Leah ignored this and asked for her father. Claudius walked out of the room and turned on the TV screens revealing disturbing images of her father in pain. Claudius would enter the room again and would talk to her for a few more minutes until she left her.

Claudius decided to plan everything out for the near future. He knew that he soon wanted to reveal to the city who he was and wanted to send the Rebels, specifically Jason Kade and Vince Clayton on a wild goose chase, knowing that they'd want to search for Leah and John after hearing the news. He filmed a video knowing that by the time Jason and Vince search for Leah and John, that he'd give to one of his men to hack into Kade's phone at a certain point in time.

Smoke House Edit

Claudius would break into Lexa's house wearing a white skull mask. When she arrived, she didn't realize he was there because of the fact that the house was completely dark.

When she turned on the light, she instantly noticed him. She asked him why he was in her house and how he got in. He ignored both of those questions and began talking to her. Lexa, knowing that he probably planted some sort of bomb, began searching the house for anything suspicious.

Out of nowhere, her oven began shaking and making an odd noise. Claudius told her to check it out. Lexa slowly checked to see what was there and when she opened the oven and sitting there was an odd black round ball. The ball began unleashing a gray smoke quickly filling her house. Claudius would be able to quickly escape. While difficult, Lexa was able to make it out shortly after as she watched her house from the outside fill with an unusual toxic smoke.

Who Am I? Edit

Shortly after this, Claudius would break into the police station and would stand in the middle of the room staring at the other prisoners waiting for the police officers.

Not too long later, an officer walked in with Lexa. He did nothing but stand in place looking at them. Lexa would then tell the officer everything that Claudius has done. The officer was confused at first until Claudius was able to confirm everything. The officer quickly arrested him and took him to a cell.

Goose Chase Edit

Jason and Vince would end up going to the police station to see what they could do in finding Leah and John. Claudius would watch them from his cell and appeared to be helping them by distracting the police officer. Once they left, one of Claudius' men sent the video Claudius filmed a few days prior to Jason's phone telling him John's location.

After about thirty minutes, Vince would arrive at the police station and Claudius realized that everything was going according to plan. He wanted Jason to go after John and Leah, while Claudius' men helped him break out of his cell and fight the officers and Vince.

Once all of this happened, Claudius would leave the police station and would go to the building Leah was in. He realized Leah nor John were killed except Leah was severely injured which was good enough. Once he arrived at the building, one of his men announced to him that Kade had arrived and saved Leah. After hearing this, Claudius filmed a live video to Jason and Leah, announcing that he sent Jason on a goose chase and while he was doing this, Claudius had a chance to break out of his cell, which he did successfully.

Hatred Edit

After this, Claudius would be contacted by one of his men that John was hiding in the boiler room. Claudius figured that Leah would most likely prevent him from killing John, though he decided to go to him anyway.

Claudius would find John and would quickly knock him out and tie him up with chains. A few minutes later, he'd wake up and tell John that everything would be alright and seconds later, Leah, Lexa, and Vince arrived. Leah told Claudius to leave John alone. He denied, so Leah and Lexa began attacking him. Not too long after this, one of Claudius' men showed up and shot John in the back. Leah then began brutally attacking Claudius. Claudius was able to get Leah off of him and quickly made his escape.

About an hour later, Claudius received a message that the man who shot John was killed by Leah, though in the process, he sent a video showing Leah killing him.

Claudius would follow this up by going to Saint Kenway's Hospital and would go to the rooftop and would end up being confronted by Leah Caverly and after a short talk, he would blow up the cars parked in the parking lot outside of the building via a remote. This would anger Leah Caverly and would run to the parking lot giving Claudius a chance to escape.

Destruction of the Caverly Residence Edit

Claudius would break into Lexa Caverly's new residence and as he suspected, John was living with Lexa for a certain period of time. After a quick talk, Claudius would command helicopters above Lexa's house to fire down at the building. Claudius successfully made it out leaving Lexa, John, and Vince helpless.

The Death of John Caverly Edit

Claudius would be confronted by Leah and Lexa in the boiler room after he would kidnap John once more. Not too long later, Claudius was able to distract the two of them and shot John through the chest. The police, who were searching through the boiler room after a recent incident would come across Leah, Lexa, and Claudius. After they entered the room, Claudius would climb out of the boiler room and make his escape.


Before Torment revealed who he truly was to Neo Arcadia, the public would see him as a kind, friendly, and respecting human being. Torment tends to switch from kind and friendly to being a complete psychopath, which led many to believe that he has some sort of Multiple Personality Disorder, mainly the vigilante Almanac.

Torment's main traits are cunning and manipulative, which was shown when he tricked Lexa Caverly to reveal her powers. Sadistic, shown by when he was laughing after shooting and killing Josiah Kleban. Barbarous, shown by when he tormented Leah Caverly by showing disturbing images of her wounded father.

The main reason for choosing his codename to be "Torment" was because of his other personality. He subtly implied to Leah Caverly in their latest confrontation that he has another side that is slowly eating away at him, implying his rumored Multiple Personality Disorder. He always dubbed his other personality as Torment while the city saw him as Claudius Mayhew until the Rebels learned that he wasn't the real Claudius Mayhew.

Physical Appearance Edit

Claudius is a Caucasian man with brown eyes, long black hair stopping at his neck. He also stands at a height of 6'1". He also mainly wears his glasses and only on certain occasions takes them off.

His default outfit is a long purple trench coat with black dress shoes. Under his trench coat, he wears a green sweatshirt with a pink collared shirt underneath with a black tie as well as green khaki pants. Even though his true self is now known to the public, he tends to wear a skull mask.


"He had me believing something entirely different, but also equally possible."
Jason Kade
  • Genius-Level Intelligence:
    • Master Tactician:
  • Skilled Combatant:
    • Knife Skills:
  • Skilled Marksman:

Weaknesses Edit

  • Human Vulnerabilities: Claudius' greatest weakness is that he is only human. While he has no extreme skill in hand-to-hand combat, his brains, smarts, and the fact that he keeps his past mainly a mystery, is what makes him difficult for the Arcadian Rebels to defeat.



Relationships Edit

Family Edit

  • Unknown Father
  • Unknown Mother

Allies Edit

  • Torment's Gang
    • Jared Byrne

Enemies Edit

  • Zoey Catterson † - Victim
  • John Caverly † - Victim
  • Joaquin Dallas
  • Kace Hayden
  • Abigail Kleban †
  • Josiah Kleban † - Victim

Trivia Edit

  • Torment's theme song is Blood // Water by Grandson.