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"From first light to last laugh, we are born to defy the odds, the rules. It's a way of life and state of mind. So, call us what you want: heroes, rebels, or just plain crazy. Where expectations end, we're just getting started. So, don't stand there. Defy your world. Dare to live in ours."
The Alphaverse roleplay is a communal roleplay, taking place on Club Penguin and various Club Penguin Private Servers.


The following are a list of rules to follow when on this Wikia.

  • Always use alphabetical order
    • When listing names, alphabetize by surname
  • Always use third person
  • Don't edit another person's profile without their permission, unless they are blocked
  • If a page title is too long, make it an acronym, unless its idea wasn't to make the acronym an actual word
  • When making a page, don't:
    • Make it sound like a book
    • Make pages that are messages
    • Make pages that start with the word "the"
    • Spam
  • Use formats depending on characters, places, and items

If you break a rule 3 times, you will be banned.

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