The Alphaverse Roleplay is the roleplay of which this Wikia revolves. It is an amalgamation of superheroes, science fiction, and much more. It takes place in our universe, but with our personal modifications. The Alphaverse takes place in its own fictional city, Emerald City, a place where modern society thrives, but is always dependable on the heroes to save the day, wherever, whenever, and whatever from. In the Alphaverse, we defy physics and reason. We dare to defy.



Alphaverse's vibrational frequency allows the dimensionally aware to see through the vibrations of the universe, the past, and the future.


Alphaverse always tries to explain most superpowers and their sources scientifically, through the use of pseudo-scientific concepts.


Former and Blocked


  • Action
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction
  • Superhero