"There's no costume when the man and the mask are one."
—Jason Kade

The Almanac Suit is the crime-fighting uniform used by Jason Kade as a vigilante. The original suit was composed of nothing but facepaint, a hockey mask and a black hoodie. The current version is a black and red utilitarian suit with improved identity concealment and protection.


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Scarlet SwashbucklerEdit

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Return of AlmanacEdit

"Ay, red and blue!"
Lance White


The Almanac suit is durable, yet light, and is flexible enough for Jason to perform his complex acrobatic parkour maneuvers, as well as participate in hand-to-hand combat.


"Good thing about red, they can't tell how much you're bleeding."
—Jason Kade
  • Helmet: Jason's helmet is a fortified carbon tube helmet which is nearly indestructible. Carbon nanotubes are lighter, cheaper, and have twice the tensile strength of titanium, making it reliable and durable enough to withstand blunt force trauma or blows from superhuman opponents. The helmet features red-tinted lenses and a safety lock in the rear area to attach firmly to Jason's head.
  • Face Mask: The face mask is red, and is made of a compressible micro-fabric which has no restrictions on Jason's visual field while on the run or aiming. The face mask acts as a backup identity concealer.
  • Bodysuit: The suit overall is a lightweight, tactical, utilitarian-style uniform designed to protect Jason against the terrors of the night. It is composed of a mixture of a high-density Kevlar component and Nomex fiber, making it bulletproof and fireproof, and is also unable to hinder Jason's movement while he is fighting, running, or performing his complex acrobatic parkour maneuvers. It can withstand small arms fire and knives, but in the event Jason comes to harm, the red aspects prevents others from seeing him bleed. The two colors, black and red (which happen to be his favorite colors) also serve a stealth purpose; by using the naturally dark areas of the outfit, Jason can integrate into the dark parts of the environment around him. When Jason began working for Carmine Incorporated again, he used his developer resources to upgrade the suit by coating it with a combination of polyethylene, glycol and silicate to cause hydro-clusters to form when the suit is impacted by kinetic energy.
    • Holsters: Two holsters on the outside of each thigh hold his batons. There is a calf sheath on the right boot that holds his combat knife.
  • Utility Belt: Jason's specially designed belt, with its many pouches filled with an arsenal of numerous gadgets, weapons and tools at all times, to aid Jason in his missions.
  • Crimson Cestus: The suit comes with reinforced alloy gloves, having the appearance of twin cesti as an allusion to Ancient Greek boxers of Pygmachia. While wearing these, Jason still possesses his athletic strength, although he is able to break a window in less than ten punches.
    • Wrist Computer: Jason's EPF-issue wristpad was designed by technician Saul Collins. This computer is located on the left forearm, and is connected to Rebels Base and EPF computers to retrieve GPS tracking signals, serving as a form of guidance while Jason is on the streets. One button controls his boot-blade.
  • Boots: In the event of electrical misadventure, Jason wears standard black insulated footwear. Jason got the idea for these boots from the Emerald City Police Department issued field galoshes.
    • Boot-Blade: Inspired by his Christmas 2017 gift from Leah Caverly, Jason integrated a retractable blade in the front of his right boot. This is operated by his wrist computer.


  • Tactical Parachute: A parachute used to slow Jason's movement during a relatively small falling as a mean of security. This parachute allows Jason to jump quickly off trains and land safely despite high speed leaps.
  • KJ Becker's Goggles: KJ Becker gave Jason a pair of his signature goggles. These goggles are modified to amplify the spectral range, allowing him to change from standard vision to thermal imaging to night vision. They also serve as digital binoculars and offer infrared vision.


Original SuitEdit

The original vigilante suit was composed of a hockey mask, a hoodie, black pants, gloves, and a golf bag.

Tactical Suit/Stealth SuitEdit

The Tactical Suit is composed of a short-sleeved black polo shirt, a black bulletproof vest, and black military pants tucked into black combat boots. Black is better for stealth and urban camouflage.

Frigid SuitEdit

The Frigid Suit is made to combat gelid environments. Micro-technology thermal units are sewn into the fabric of the torso to keep Jason warm, and able to withstand temperatures down to 45 below zero.


  • The original suit takes inspiration from Casey Jones.
  • Jason repairs his suit with epoxy spray.
  • Initially, Jason was sometimes criticized for not having Kevlar sleeves.