"You need to anticipate your opponent. You need to trust your instincts, and not just your tech. When I'm out on the field, my staves are just tools. I'm the weapon."

Almanac's Battle Staves are a pair of specialty batons owned and used by Jason Kade for vigilante activities. Over time, Jason has upgraded them to better suit exotic situations.

Lately, Kade has favored the nunchaku form of his staves.



"I thank all the training I've had in Kali up until now, as it's relatively easy to dodge and block the incoming strikes since Kali is my backbone martial art. Countless hours spent training are paying off in spades. That's the great thing about Kali: it not only teaches you how to use weapons, but how to disarm them as well."

Jason Kade initially based his fighting style on Kali, or Eskrima, which is plenty of hand work. The batons proved useful for extending Jason's reach in order to better strike his opponent and great for blocking, as well as dealing with multiple opponents.

This led to Jason being able to better fight empty-handed, which is often seen in his hand-to-hand exchanges. Another element in this martial art is its focus on very effective weapon disarming techniques (which later proved useful against John Roy), all based around ranges and relative body positions, known as gates, and their effects on joints. Joint manipulation became extremely important in this art, as it usually caused an enemy to drop their weapon, i.e. Jason twisting a criminal's wrist inward to get them to drop a gun.


Jason Kade later learned the art of trapping, curling his fingers around blocked hits and holding them before he continues his barrage of counter-attacks. In summary, he temporarily immobilizes his opponents' limbs to give the former a brief opportunity to strike while the latter cannot. Jason began to combine the concept of trapping with his predisposition of using his staves as striking weapons very frequently.


His training with the connected staves later let him readily use bo staffs without any problems.


"Ingenuity, bravery, and a stick. With proper training, there's nothing better than a stick."
—Jason Kade
  • Cable: The staves are able to be connected by a special steel fiber composite cable, which is near indestructible. This cable allows Jason to change the length of the distance between the batons, to use as a grappling hook or simulate nunchaku in close quarter combat.
  • Conversion: The staves are two short sticks, and can be used as a shorter range weapon. They can also be converted into a larger staff for melee combat.
  • Electrocution: The staves are capable of delivering an electrical shock from one end to stun targets. This function was upgraded by Jason Kade with Carmine Incorporated resources during the adventures with Arcadian Rebels; Kade can now rotate the staves in their nunchaku form to conduct electrical charges and project a variable-voltage stream of electricity upon release. If Kade projects a thinner stream of electricity, he can achieve a targeted strike with less collateral damage. With this function, Kade effectively mimics the superpower of electrokinesis. Kade is protected from the electric handles by his suit's gloves.
  • Magnetism: The staves are adapted with magnetic panels for Almanac to wear on his wrists as cuffs to allow them to return to him after being thrown.


  • The battle staves take inspiration from Daredevil's Billy Club and Mockingbird's Battle Staves.
  • Jason jokingly calls them "lateral cranial impact-enhancers."